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Afterschool Toolbox

All of the tools you need to be promote afterschool programs, reach policy makers and find funding.

Marketing: Promoting your program is key to building support in the community, securing funding and making sure that your program is around for the long-term.  Get ideas on  promotional materials you can create, and take our online markering tutorial to learn about making the case for afterschool, why policy matters to your program, and concrete ways to increase your program’s visibility and support. Includes quick links to related hand outs, sample materials and tip sheets. 

Reaching Policy MakersSimple and straight forward tools for reaching out to the leaders (and their staff) who set afterschool policy and investments. Includes basics on how policy is made, tip sheets and sample materials to use in building relationships with policy makers; and ideas for making afterschool an election issue.

Media: Engaging the media is vital to build visibility and support for your program. Access tips and tools to help you build relationships with the media, and tap this powerful resource. Tips on how the media works; pitching media, from writing a letter to the editor to drafting new releases; placing Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and contacting your local media.

Funding: To help with your hunt for sustainable funding...

  • Tools: from funding worksheets to tips on writing proposals
  • Funding Database: a searchable database of funding sources
  • Expert Advice: learn from funders and case studies from afterschool programs
  • Sponsorship Tips: learn how to create sponsorship opportunities for local businesses at your events
  • In-Kind Donations & Partnerships

Start a Program: Trying to start a program? We've put together a clearinghouse of resources to help you hit the ground running.  From start-up guides to research and websites you should know--it's all here!