Connection Failure Afterschool Alliance :: Reaching Policy Makers

Reaching Policy Makers


This section of the toolbox focuses on ways to raise afterschool issues with policy makers, and to establish or strengthen relationships with elected officials and their offices. 

Policy Making Basics: Why advocate for afterschool investments?  Is it OK for me to contact elected officials? Learn how policy becomes law, how budgets are decided, and key times to make your voice heard.  

Building Relationships with Policy Makers: Tips and tools to help you establish and strengthen ties to your elected officials, from prep work to making a phone call to setting up a site visit. Includes the “Do’s and Don’ts,” sample call scripts and more. 

Elections & Candidate Outreach: Facing an election in your community?  Find everything you need to help make afterschool an issue addressed by candidates and discussed in public debates. Includes an Afterschool Guide for candidates, a sample survey for candidates and tips for injecting afterschool in election events.